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In 1988 a seed was sown in Kev & Ellen Grimley that one day they would develop a house in the Midlands, a safe place where people could retreat to, taking time to relax, rest and find themselves.  A barrier-less place where all were welcome.  From that seed, with the help of the extended Grimley family & friends, The Mercian Centre was born.  

Sitting adjacent to Mount St Bernard Abbey, a Cistercian Monastery, amidst the beautiful Charnwood Forest, the centre now offers itself as a resource for the Midlands and beyond with its meeting rooms and generous hospitality.


With St. Joseph’s Tearoom at its heart and open six days a week the family are delighted to be able to host regular Coracle making workshops, wood craft days and music events aswell as offering local crafters a place to showcase their talents.

The Centre also hosts Monos, which is a charitable organisation seeking to nurture a monastic spirit within society. Offering courses, workshops, retreats and conferences throughout the year. For more information contact:info@monos.org.uk or visit their website: www.monos.org.uk

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